To the Editor: Government created problems it's trying to solve
Written by Brad Waltz   
Wednesday, 26 December 2012 09:01
When our country faces a national tragedy, we turn to government sadly because it's all we know. We are born into their approved hospitals, our first learning is in their approved facilities, taken there by their approved buses on their approved roads. As we grow older and become productive we relinquish our earnings to their approved retirement system and yet "they" squander it.
Our healthcare system is broken, we turn over our health, our very lives because only government can help. Home prices collapse, banks teeter, so DC hands down an 848 page directive, our saviors... Men in planes die for retribution, killing nearly 3000 Americans. Our leader interrupts national programming to announce, "they hate us for our freedoms, stand behind me and we will take the fight to them". We never question the premise.
Facts: FDR and his wage and price controls led to insurer based healthcare, government regulation since exacerbated its failings. Government with the Fair Housing act of 1994 along with cheap money caused the housing bust. 9/11 was the direct result of American foreign policy. Government makes gun free zones that turn out not to be.
Government is force, the only thing it can do to institute its policies is to use force, and once it steps in, it's bad company that can only use ever more force.
Government says who may buy a gun, what kind of gun, what kind of ammo and where you may take the gun. But when its policies go bad, when because it intervened it interfered with force between people in society, an arena where force is discouraged, an artificial situation occurred. A situation where a 20 year old kid on government approved psychotic drugs can pick his shooting gallery.  And again our leader interrupts national programming and says, "I can make policy to end this", and we say, "thanks dear leader, help us".
Our societal shortcomings are the result, not of free people choosing what is best for each, but the result of force from government. With every failure from society that befalls us, predictably we turn to government to help us. Government created this, it will not solve it, in fact it will make it worse, it has a track record of this. I weep.
Brad Waltz
Bowling Green

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