To the Editor: Gay-to-straight therapy should be an option
Written by Pastor Chris Boggs   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 09:07
Your recent article, "Association repudiates gay-to-straight therapy", underscores the continuing pressure to reach a consensus regarding SSA (same sex attraction). Though not mentioned in your article, that consensus is based on the premise that people are born gay and therefore cannot change their sexual orientation.  Without exception, the "gay" people that I know personally are extremely gifted, intelligent, and highly motivated individuals.  Some of them are happy being gay and some are not.  Who is to say that a highly motivated person who is unhappy with same sex attraction cannot change?  Even mental health professionals are not fully aligned on this issue.  Your own article states that 4 out of 129 members of the American Psychological Association believe change regarding same sex attraction is possible.  And contrary to the statement made in your article that "No solid evidence exists that such change is likely", by your own admission Exodus International is lead by Alan Chambers, who "Édescribes himself as someone who overcame unwanted same-sex attraction".  Tolerance and open-mindedness is a two-edged sword.  People with unwanted SSA have every right to seek therapy from those willing to help them.  Naturally, those who hold a biblical world view believe that the same God who established social norms for sexual conduct also empowers those who desire to live in accordance with them.  Those who share a different world-view will likely come to a different conclusion and that is their right.  Therapy is available to people with eating disorders, personality disorders, and behavioral disorders of every imaginable kind.  Straight men and women often find help with sexual issues through therapy.  In an era of equal rights and non-discrimination, why should people with unwanted same sex attraction be treated any differently?
Pastor Chris Boggs

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