To the Editor: Free market compared with 'selling' by force
Written by Brad Waltz   
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 08:44
This is a story of two. One we will call Mr. Entrepreneur, Mr. E for short, the other, Mister People's Man, MPM.
Both of these men have an idea.
Mr. E invests in his idea, markets his idea,  "sells" his idea, hoping his idea pays a dividend. Mr. E is aware that the most precious commodity life holds is time and that his work takes from his time, that both are finite. He understands that profit is the fruit of labor, he values his and understands so does another. Mr. E's approach never uses force, force has no buyer. In the free market force is punished.
MPM has an idea too, but it can only be "sold" by force. His idea you see is on a grand scale; so grand the market and the people don't even know they want his idea.
The fact is MPM doesn't understand or trust the people and the market; he wrongly thinks he is wiser than the people and the market; thinks the people are small and helpless. MPM thinks the market is corrupt and profit evil. But because he doesn't understand the forces of the market, the wisdom it holds in the decisions made by those in the market, MPM must use the government and its use of force to implement his "great leap forward".
Mr. E must sell his idea to the mass market to be successful; MPM must only cajole an elite few, force to follow.
Mr. E hopes to reap a profit; MPM believes that since his idea is above profit, the greater good is being done and sees Mr. E as simple minded and greedy.
MPM ignores economics, ignores history, ignores facts, he forecasts not on logic but on the poorest of factors, emotion.
Mr. E can only rely on the first three and ignores emotion.
Mr. E cannot afford to be wrong; again, he knows labor and effort are finite.
Because MPM is not motivated by profit, MPM can afford to be wrong. When after the force of law has been applied to implement MPM idea and it fails, he merely sloughs it off and says things like, "it wasn't funded well enough". "The" failure was not his failure.
Mr. E builds a railroad (if needed), MPM, forces other to build his (needed or not). If Mr. E is wrong, it costs society nothing…
Brad Waltz
Bowling Green

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