To the Editor: Fracking rules send bad message to energy consumers & providers
Written by John McAvoy   
Wednesday, 28 August 2013 08:53
Resolutions or legislation to ban Hydraulic Fracturing.
I'm  concerned that our elected officials are proposing restrictive legislation or resolutions that are based on trendy, feel good emotions, rather than science and facts.
Hydraulic fracturing has been a part of energy production for decades, and has proven to be a safe and effective method to produce the energy that drives our economy.
Although I'm not aware of any plans to perform drilling in and around NW Ohio,  any resolutions or legislation to outlaw or unjustly limit the energy production process  would  be pointless, and send  a wrong message to the energy consumers and providers in NW Ohio.  If legislation or resolutions are passed, we would be sending a very clear message; " We don't care about the facts, we're going to do this because it's a neat thing to do and it feels good".
Try and run a successful business on "neat thing to do and feels good".
Run it on facts.
Ohio EPA and the Federal EPA monitor , control, regulate and monitor energy exploration and production.  Ohio needs jobs,  jobs requires energy.
There have been several prominent "Documentary Movie Producers" who make millions by stirring up the citizenry with incorrect, false,  and outright deceiving information on fracturing.  In every case where the "Movie claims" have been questioned with scientific testing and data, they have been proven to be false, inaccurate, and occasionally out right deceitful.
But it sure fells good to stand in front of a business with a sign or poster, shouting poetic slogans on the evils of fracking, based on a false information.
Resolutions will just reinforce this false data,  and turn our community into circus when the traveling road show with their cameras shows up in front of our businesses to promote another anti-fracking movie.
Base your legislation on facts not trendy feel good emotions.
As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Enacting an amendment banning hydraulic fracturing in Bowling Green would be pointless and should be quickly set aside.
John McAvoy

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