To the Editor: Former Walbridge mayor states why he quit
Written by Dan Wilczynski   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:06
It is with great sadness that I write this letter. It seems that no matter how many hours I put in on Walbridge work, four council members think my attendance at their meetings is more important. They hired an attorney to research the applicability of an antiquated Ohio law that requires people elected to boards attend at least 60% of the meetings in any two-year period. Because I am one meeting short of 60% it has been determined that I have forfeited my position. None of them talked to me about this law before hand as it has always been their intention to get rid of me. When they were not able to do it at the voting booth, they went out to find another way.
Who knows what drives them but it is clear to me that they have not been happy with my drive to improve Walbridge through honesty, team building, fair treatment for all, fiscal conservativeness, and running things like a business. With these obstacles to their agenda now removed they can get on with what they want to do. I do however provide this caution to the village residents, please keep an eye on their actions. It would not surprise me that they intend to put people who have previously resigned from Walbridge due to 'personal' reasons in positions of authority. You are all smart enough to know that when someone resigns for 'personal' reasons, there is always something they are trying to hide. Also, one of the last things I did as mayor was to introduce a resolution asking our Ohio House to pass a law that requires all elected and appointed officials to be current on their taxes. This I believe is critical to the proper running of any government because why should someone that does not pay their own taxes be allowed to control the tax money of others. My guess is that our current council will not support this now that I am gone.
I am happy to have served as mayor for over 10 years and have only one regret - that I was not able to overcome some of the evil in the world so that I could continue to serve the residents and businesses as elected by the people.
Dan Wilczynski

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