To the Editor: Firefighters resignations are a huge loss
Written by Becky Jaynes   
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 10:14
I am writing in regard to your article on the Lake Township Fire Department resignations. Reading about this issue really bothered me. Those folks may have saved the inebriated gentleman from alcohol poisoning or perhaps they saved a person, or persons, from tragic injury or death, had he gotten into his car and tried to drive home.
Had there been loss of life, I have no doubt that the trustees would have bemoaned the fact that no one tried to prevent the possibility of tragedy.
I understand rules, regulations, and guidelines but life doesn't always "fit" those manmade lists. That is where the human factor comes into play - knowledgeable and responsible folks stepping up with experience and compassion and making our small chunk of the world a better and safer place.
Chief Walters was on the front lines after the devastating tornado. I bet no one thought to check their rule book back then; it was a matter of getting the job done, no questioning of trust, his decision-making or his ableness to do a good job.
I thank these three honorable people for their service and would like them to know that their resignations are a huge loss for our township. Thanks to their families, for all of those times that their lives were in upheaval due to the firefighters' service to Lake Township.
I question the decision of the township trustees on this matter. I am at a loss at their statements regarding their decision on this issue and their justification for it as evidenced by their own words:
"The fire chief was at the wedding reception and this happened on his watch," Bowen stated.
Is it, then, reasonable to expect that the trustees should be removed as it occurred on their watch? Of course not, in both cases!
Richard Welling said, "You have to weigh out what they did in their careers against what happened."
Mr. Welling, I couldn't agree with you more ...  only wish you would have followed your own advice. Had you done that, no resignations would have been warranted.
Becky Jaynes

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