To the Editor: Federal cuts hurt nation’s most vulnerable citizens
Written by Donald Clark   
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 09:04
Last year the House of Representatives in Washington voted to split the agriculture policy from the food aid policy. Last week the House approved a nutrition bill that results in a $40 billion reduction in the food aid program over the next ten years. This results in about a 5% cut of the current spending on nutrition assistance. The House bill would also seek to make permanent the separation of farm and nutrition legislation by authorizing farm legislation through 2018 and only authorizing nutrition legislation through 2016. The Senate approved comprehensive combined farm and nutrition legislation in June of this year. The Senate bill had no provision for the 5% cut. I think it is a shame that the House Republicans (the vote followed party lines) could be so callous. No offense to our hard working local farmers, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet, but the House made sure they funded money for the Big Company Farm businesses at the expense of senior citizens, unemployed veterans and unemployed/under-employed workers in this great country, that are barely getting by. The logic put out by these uncaring politicians is that they are just cutting out the money that is being lost to Fraud Waste and Abuse, FWA. The problem with this logic is that there are already programs in place to fight FWA and the incidents of such are rare when compared to the over all program.
Oh, yeah, Congressman Bob Latta voted yea on the bill. His web site also states, in not so many words, that he is willing to walk in lock step with the Tea party members in the House to bring the government to a halt to defund the Affordable Care Act ACA. As a senior citizen with grandchildren that have preexisting conditions and can now get health insurance I am in favor of the ACA. I also appreciate not having a cap on cost for catastrophic conditions and I appreciate having my Medicare Prescription Doughnut Hole closed. Well Congressman Latta, recent polls say that people are in favor of keeping the ACA if defunding it means closing down the government.
I doubt you have ever went without food Congressman Latta. I have lived on assistance as a child and I can tell you that living on government assistance is not living in the lap of luxury.
Donald Clark

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