To the Editor: Elmwood has a 'secret' 1.25% Tue. vote
Written by Harry Reynolds   
Monday, 06 May 2013 09:10
Uninformed Elmwood voters, while Bowling Green Schools are openly debating their tax issue, the Elmwood superintendent is keeping a calculated dirty little secret. Unless you were at the board meeting you probably don't know that the superintendent wants a forever income tax of 1.25 percent.
Two years ago, the bare minimum of three board members voted to spend over $1.7 million of our education tax dollars to replace the track and renovate the football stadium. At that time the superintendent said he could do this without additional tax dollars partially by not replacing five employees. That's right, he replaced the track but not the employees. When I told him that would have a negative affect on future tax issues, he said the public will forget. I didn't.
Now (they) want to get the bare minimum of voters to pass a new tax that your grandchildren's grandchildren will be forced to pay. That's like taxation without representation.
They know a minority of citizens are registered to vote and a minority of them actually vote in a presidential election and even less vote in a primary election and fewer yet vote in an issue-only primary and since they intentionally decided not to advertise, most of those voters don't know that May 7 will be their only chance to stop the bare minimum of forcing a forever tax on all citizens.
As I mentioned, the bare minimum of three board members decided to spend $1,709,120 plus interest ($57,837 to date) on improving an existing track and football stadium. Look forward to the future, at least two board members have said "What you do for one team you have to do for the others. You have to treat them all the same." Does that mean we need nine-hole golf course?
You don't know who will be the three controlling votes in the future. Obviously the present five board members and the superintendent won't be in charge forever but the 1.25% tax they are trying to sneak by with a minority of minorities will be forever. Who knows someday they might want to spend our education dollars on education.The only reasonable and moral answer to a forever tax is never. Don't take away the future generation's right to vote.
Harry Reynolds

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