To the Editor: Education: Then and now
Written by Phil Caron   
Thursday, 23 July 2009 08:53
What if today's education system took over the ole' one room schoolhouse - what would be different?
There would be a board developed to override common sense
The person teaching multiple grades would be replaced with over 13 teachers
They would appoint a superintendent and administrative staff including a high paid PR & campaign manager
They would hire a park director  and a curriculum director
The school parking lot would be converted from stone to a fancy pants designed overpriced parking lot with cut outs and curbs costing over $1 million
They would hire multiple specialist that are duplicated in the real world
Walking to school would be banned and replaced by buses to create another department
Recesses would no longer be the responsibility of the teacher due to recess specialist
They would create many jobs for stagecoach crossings guards
They would prevent local law enforcement to manage law-breaking matters
They would insure wages were inflation proof and 80 percent of the operating budget and ignore the economy around them
They would create laws to insure the incompetent staff was next to impossible to fire
With fingers crossed they would say all cost to operate were for the children
They would make sure they only represent their own special interest and not all the populationThey would frequently tear down a great schoolhouse to spend more of the farmer's money
Tons of money would be need for activities outside the 3 - r's such as sports, band, and other non-education activities creating more bureaucracy
They would make sure they could afford to retire early with great benefits
The only carry over from the one room schoolhouse would be having summers off due to children needing to help on the farm - allowing another source of income or 3 months vacation
Phil Caron

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