To the Editor: Direction of federal govt. frightens local woman
Written by Carlene M. Creps   
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 10:15
I have a frantic pit of fear in my gut! I have had this gut feeling a couple of times before in my business life. I am so upset and fearful of what this federal government is doing. The lies and deceit that has come to light in the past few months just confirms my feelings. I am shocked that the bulk of Congress does not immediately demand impeachment of this administration! I did not vote for Obama, however, was willing to step back and give them a chance. Now, the country is going to hell and all Congress wants is donations to their different lobby groups with the promise "to do something." I say, "We already pay you to do your job, don't let our precious country be brought down by this president!"
My husband and I bought new phones at Thanksgiving, we couldn't manage them, so returned them after three days. We reprogrammed back to our old flip phones. Two weeks later, I awakened in middle of the night as the active connecting circle indicated that my phone was being down-loaded to someplace. A few days before, my husband's phone had the same thing happen late one evening. We jerked the batteries out when this happened. The buying of newer phones activated something! This had never happened before!
I am glad Snowden leaked his information but not happy that he went to China or Russia! Not only do we have the NSA spying on us but there is the Benghazi cover-up, Fast and Furious gun running operation, Ft. Hood and other inside terrorists, IRS targeting people and organizations, voter fraud from past two presidential elections, 1,700 executive illegal orders in five years (about 300 mo.), poor border security and immigration laxness to get political votes (deported lady returning in suitcase), questionable liberal judge and other appointments, railroad oil line derailments (accidental?, it's easy to dislodge a rail), decisions made for political reasons when our precious military is at stake (R. Gates new book), few jobs but welfare doubling to get political votes, and the unaffordable Obamacare mess! The treatment and disrespect of our military is appalling! Obama is a Trojan horse!
Carlene M. Creps
Bowling Green

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