To the Editor: Country needs single-pay insurance plan
Written by Les and Sue Barber   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 09:10
We share Eileen Cherry-Chandler's disappointment and anger (Sentinel-Tribune, Aug. 19) that Congressman Bob Latta's telephone-based "town hall meetings" are rigged and essentially undemocratic.  These meetings seem designed to produce only opinions that match Mr. Latta's own, while giving the illusion that he is seeking constituent opinions.
We write this letter to give testament to our own opinions and to attempt to reach Mr. Latta with our own views about the national health care debate.  It is simply misguided and unexamined patriotism to assert, as many do, that the United States has the best health care system in the world.  This is patently untrue by any reasonable measure, even though it is a fact that the U.S. medical profession has pockets of world-acclaimed expertise.
Our current health care system is wildly expensive, inefficient and often inhumane, primarily because of the bloated greed of our corporate insurance companies and because of politicians who are in their pockets or otherwise lack the guts to regulate these companies fairly.  On a daily basis, these companies, along with a plethora of middle- man, managed care organizations, "stand between" patients and effective, humane medical treatment.
The country needs reform as soon as possible.  If reform costs money in the short run, it will definitely bring recovery of that expense and more in the longer run.  We need to insure everyone in the country, and we need to bring health care costs down significantly.
There are a number of well-meaning, but limited, proposals in
Congress right now that will help accomplish these goals, but they will surely prove inadequate if we do not also include some form of single-payer insurance plan (the so-called public option, for example) to force the insurance giants to meet this new competition by lowering their premiums and adjusting their eligibility requirements.
Les and Sue Barber
Bowling Green


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