To the Editor: Congress urged to do its job
Written by Rick Chandler   
Thursday, 10 October 2013 10:38
I read with great interest Rep. Bob Latta's comments on the government shut-down Monday. What a load of BUNK! This has got to be at least the 42nd attempt to derail the Affordable Care Act by Republicans. Hey idiots! It is the law of the land! It's been duly enacted, strengthened by Pres. Obama's re-election & ruled constitutional by a mostly conservative U.S. Supreme Court! Get over yourselves & get on with the work you were elected to perform! Having over 800,000 government employees furloughed because you don't like a program that provides millions of uninsured Americans with affordable health insurance? You slackers need to go without paychecks! You don't do any good just saying no to any legislation that might benefit someone other than your fat cat contributors! I believe the Democrats wanted to go to conference 18 times but your evil puppet masters, Boehner & Cantor said no! I hope all Americans & the voters of the 5th District see this for what it is: A Wake-up Call! We need serious minds in Congress-Not lemmings! Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way! There are going to be serious repercussions over your vote Bob. I hope you get the same as the GOPs got in 96-97! By the way, while you campaign next year, be a man & debate your opponent. Only thing I hate more than a weasel is a coward. We need serious people to do the peoples' business in DC - not a bunch of wrong thinking demagogues! Get to work, do your job or get off the payroll!
Rick Chandler
Bowling Green

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