To the Editor: Congress should work for public
Written by V.N. Krishnan   
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 10:34
President Obama said that for some in the opposition it is difficult to say yes to him. That made me reflect a great deal of what I have been observing since he took office and when a leading Republican openly declared that their main agenda was to make Obama a one time President. It is sad to see since he took office the gridlock that has paralyzed the Congress has been the worst in all our history.  Now that he has come out with this statement, it clearly implies that there are some who personally do not like to deal with him.  Again a compromise is emerging when he suggests  $400,000 instead of the previous $250,000 as the revised tax limit for taxing the rich. The demand now is raised to one million.  
Obviously there is no concern for the real economic issues affecting the nation. Ideology precedes the search for efficient economic solutions. The opposition is helplessly in the grip of its Tea Party extremists. They will have nothing to do with Obama and will gladly see him go. In this hostile environment can any sensible discussion of such vital issues as technological unemployment, the precise role of taxation in influencing key labor market variables, impact of globalization and many others take place?
Has any one noticed that we have gradually been drifting towards having a Congress that is getting completely out of touch with the country? The example of Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy comes to mind. There the party is set above the country. Ideology reigns. The ultimate solutions can only come from us the people.
We have to elect a Congress that will work for us.  Not for its members and their campaign donors.
V.N. Krishnan
Bowling Green

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