To the Editor: Congress should work for people, not lobbies
Written by V. N. Krishnan   
Thursday, 10 October 2013 09:50
The nation has to seriously reflect about some deeper issues that affect the way it conducts politics. They are far more significant than the deficit, the debt ceiling or the current debacle of the shutdown of some services. They began by ignorantly ranting that the 'government is the problem and not the solution'. For a politician who does not take the trouble to restore efficiency in administering, such slogans are the easy way out. It got worse when the cry went out for a leaner and meaner government and a continuous campaign for reducing its size. Then it was declared that passing laws were useless because they were not observed. It culminated finally by the Congress, our supreme legislative authority abdicating its powers to the NRA in a major legislative attempt that had the nation's support for sensible background checks for gun ownership. Now current lawmakers are unable to see that they are actually willing to paralyze the government for one single piece of legislation. No attempt is made to understand elementary economics relating to taxation and expenditure. We have gone from "no taxation without representation" that began our fight for independence, to "no taxation with representation." Taxes efficiently spent are vitally necessary for all. It will take lot more space to elaborate on this important aspect of our fiscal policy. Our current problems are the result of years of fiscal abuse by politicians who virtually drained our tax dollars in the largest post war public funds wastage in our history. Indulging actually in criminal wars we spent billions without any tangible returns. The Congress ceased to function.
The kind of Congress representatives and the way it functions is ultimately a faithful reflection of our political maturity. We alone can change its course. What goes on is the result of how much we have understood of the significance of taxation and efficient expenditure, the role of the government and the conduct of party politics. We have not succeeded in getting the parties to mainly work for us instead of the lobbies. The bottom line is we get only what we deserve.  
V. N. Krishnan
Bowling Green

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