To the Editor: Congress is holding nation hostage
Written by Audrey M. Palumbo   
Thursday, 10 October 2013 10:14
It seems to me that requiring a President of the United States to change a Health Care law in order to get a budget passed is unacceptable. If that is the way our country was set up to do business we would not be guaranteed any rights. A few could decide to hold the United States Government hostage for any reason. How about if a few at the national level decided to abolish abortion rights in order to pass the Debt Ceiling? Why not get rid of all the Civil Rights Laws in order to pass the next budget?
I am simply amazed that one group of Republicans has so little respect for the citizens of the United States that they chose to shut down the government rather than work to get their members elected to vote for the laws they want. Their contempt for the citizens of this country is overwhelming. Devastating families by requiring people to work but cutting off the pay checks, laying off those who make this country safe, stopping cancer research trials, closing our National Park System, etc. How can any representative of the people defend this total act of defiance?
Every lesson I learned about our way of government was that you keep informed and go to the polls to vote for those you want to represent you. Correct me if I am wrong. The Affordable Health Care Act was voted in by both Houses and signed into law by the President. It was deemed a legal law by the United States Supreme Court. It was a necessary law because so many could not afford or were denied health insurance coverage.
I would hope that my Representative, Robert Latta and the group of Republicans that are demanding a change in the way our democracy is practiced quickly puts the laws of the land above their ideologies.
Audrey M. Palumbo

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