To the Editor: Column should put rumors, gossip to rest
Written by Russ Frye   
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:16
To the Editor:

I'd like to express my disappointment in Kevin Gordon's sports opinion column published July 23 regarding the hiring of Gary Gardner as Bowling Green High School's head basketball coach.   In that column Kevin asks his readers to forget that "Gardner's hiring may have been a done deal before Coach Von Graffin was non-renewed, to forget Gardner may have been promised an administrator's position at some point, to forget that more qualified candidates may have been interested in the job."
Kevin, in stirring up the gossip, innuendo, and rumors surrounding Coach Graffin's dismissal, you publicize those things to the wider audience of Sentinel readers.  That's not a way to cause people to forget them.
In the interest of journalistic integrity and responsibility, the question that needs to be answered is why Von Graffin, a hard-working, respected, and successful coach, was not renewed?  Superintendent Ann McVey's answer of wanting to move in another direction is no answer at all.  The question that begs an answer is why.  (If, as you urge in your column, we should judge Gary Gardner based on the team's results on the court, why in the world would Coach Graffin have been let go, when his teams' results on the court have been unquestionably successful.)
Kevin, rather than dealing in speculation, I urge you to find out why Coach Graffin was non-renewed, to talk to those who made the decision or influenced the decision.  The reputation of the Sentinel should demand that information published in the paper be as factual as possible and that requires going to the principals involved in a story, in this case Ann McVey and those who may have influenced her (and she should be forthcoming, especially in light of the recent levy defeat and need for community support for the district's next levy).
A second question that should be answered is why four very qualified applicants were not interviewed (one of those applicants, Tim Riser, was a stellar player for the University of Toledo basketball team and a long-time successful head coach at Springfield High School).  To anyone familiar with Coach Graffin's dismissal, something just doesn't smell very good about the whole affair.
Kevin, I hope you'll exemplify the best of the journalism profession and put rumors and gossip to rest rather than give them credence.

Russ Frye
Bowling Green

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