To the Editor: BGSU is shy on common sense
Written by Greg Predmore, Bowling Green   
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 09:59
With regards to several issues raised over the past month or so about students, faculty and staff, and the administration at BGSU, here are some thoughts from a 1978 BGSU graduate, a BGSU retiree, and the parent of two students who the university did not retain:
1. Common sense is not as common as one might hope.
2. This being true, BGSU often seems to rely on outside consulting services to do a study instead of on the collective wisdom of their faculty and staff who have more contact with the students.
3. Since large sums of money are paid for consultant studies and the consultant reports, they are apparently considered by the administration to be the best possible answers to various issues and acted upon accordingly. (One wouldn't pay for bad advice, wink-wink, and one certainly wouldn't ignore such valuable advice.)
Reducing faculty through attrition and one year contracts and saying that some classes are not filled does not take into account which classes are not filled and which classes may require more sections. This method may help balance the budget, but it does little towards balancing the needs of the students.
I read in the paper that the faculty union collects fees from members and non-members. I wonder where the Administration gets their money to fight the union. I also wonder, if the Administration believes there is no need for a faculty union, why have they spent so much time and effort to fight its existence? Faculty and staff input had been a time honored and useful tradition at BGSU, but their opinions are regarded less and less as time goes by. BGSU administration would do well to learn the lesson relearned in each episode of "Undercover Boss": Many of their employees have great ideas as to how to run the place if only anyone would listen to their suggestions.
Faculty and staff may notice that by having their ranks reduced, the university, like many businesses across the country, not only reduces costs, but also has more money available for CEO & Administration salaries and / or bonuses for doing a good job.
If the university is wanting to save money so badly, it might be considered how much money could be saved by not immediately replacing the Athletic Director after he leaves for Xavier.

Greg Predmore, Bowling Green

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