To the Editor: BG urged to support fracking ban
Written by Sally Medbourn Mott   
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 09:40
People. One way or another, Bowling Green needs to get control over oil and gas extraction within city limits.
Neither the City Ordinance nor the Charter Amendment is perfect.
To cover all bases, maybe both are needed.
City Council will pass the Ordinance. Voters can add the Charter Amendment in November.
[1] City ordinance: bans "fracking" activities within city limits. Once passed, the Ordinance can easily be overturned by the seven-member City Council.
[2] Charter amendment: bans all [including "fracking"] "oil and gas extraction" within city limits. Once passed, changes are put to a public vote, using the Charter Review procedure, as done in the past.
Puzzling objections have been put forth by intelligent and respected community leaders, the mayor and the city attorney [Sentinel-Tribune, August 27, 2013, pages 1 & 5]:
[1] False: "The words "fracking" or "hydraulic fracturing" do not appear in the language of the Amendment."
The Amendment language reads: "It shall be unlawful for any corporation to engage in the extraction of gas or oil within the City of Bowling Green."
Isn't "fracking" clearly included in "extraction of gas or oil"?
[2] False: "Out-of-town" people organized the petition for the Amendment."
The person who organized the petition drive for the Charter Amendment is a long-time resident of Bowling Green. In this case, voters agree with her that we need local control over oil and gas extraction within city limits. Unlike the time when an out of town group came to Bowling Green and rammed through a couple of "pro-gay" ordinances -- which would have failed if the imported group had not heavily lobbied and secured the student vote.
[3] False: "Businesses won't come to a town that bans oil and gas extraction."
You can't be serious. What kind of business wants drilling, horizontal or otherwise, going on under their establishment? Or anywhere in town? Or anywhere near the town? Parents won't want their kids to come to BGSU. Property values will plummet.
The administration and local special interest groups may be opposed to the Charter Amendment because they are used to "running the show" in matters of commercial development in the city. Allowing the public to vote on such matters is unsettling for them.
Study the Charter Amendment.
Vote for it in November.
Sally Medbourn Mott
Bowling Green

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