To the Editor: BG schools have cut costs for 10 years
Written by Lee Hakel   
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 10:08
Don't be fooled by information provided by a small group of people who want to defeat the school levy for their own personal motives.  The opposition is cherry-picking misinformation to make it seem like the Bowling Green Schools have been wasteful with your hard-earned tax dollars, and that is not true.
The school district has lived within its budget by closing schools, selling property, reducing employees by 49 positions (over 10 years), freezing all base salaries for 2 years, hiring replacement employees at a lower salary (including the superintendent), reducing supplemental contracts and extended time-all while remaining excellent and serving the needs of all our students.
Opponents compare BG to Perrysburg on a single dimension and that is misleading.
They ignore the fact that BG Schools transport students more than four times as far to school as the Perrysburg District. Transportation costs make our per pupil costs higher.  Their income tax brings in more because their average income is 60% higher than ours.  We have far more children in poverty and children with disabilities, both of which need more services.  
No two communities are the same.
We will continue to cut costs as we have steadily for 10 years.  Eighteen teachers and one administrator will retire this year.  If the teachers are replaced, it will be at the lower end of the pay scale.
It is true we increased salaries during the recession ¬≠ - because we were in a 3-year contract which was negotiated before the recession.  The years following were at zero increases for both union employees and administrators.
Please don't fall for the half-truths and misinformation of self-interested people.  Bowling Green children deserve and are getting an excellent education.  Public schools are the backbone of our democracy. Please vote for the levy.
Lee Hakel
School Board Member
BG School District

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