To the Editor: BG resident offers thoughts on tax hike
Written by M.E. Decker   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 09:04
Good heavens; it’s time again for voting issues to crop up. What a lot of this-and-that to worry about. Here’s a good one - another income tax for the city — an increase of .08%. That means we have to expand from 1.92% to a whole 2%, and it runs for three years! How dare they? More taxes and for those city workers? Oh, wait, it’s temporary and it goes into the general fund.
Can’t buy trucks and equipment or do construction projects out of that fund; those are capital improvements. Just what is it for? Let’s see, every Tuesday my trash and recyclables go painlessly into the great beyond. It salves my green conscience that some saves the saveable. Then, not too many weeks ago, I was treated to the sight of huge piles or ruined sofas, broken chairs, splintered cabinets that seem to pop up on the curbsides now and then. Gone. This week piles of brush and branches higher than my head were lifted, raked and swept away. Gone. Just in time for nature’s bonus of leaves to pile up for removal, hopefully before snow becomes a problem. You barely have time to enjoy bush and flower plantings throughout the city before frost hits.
Oh really, there is a lot of equipment to make those jobs easy, you say. Trucks, forklifts, special machines used. Certainly, but the human machine is what makes them work. Previous savings that bridged the gap are what saved us from a bigger tax increase. Witness Toledo’s frantic fiasco! They looked at our city program and tried to initiate a similar one. They discovered that it is not done overnight and have scrambled ineffectively ever since.
And those human machines? They pay taxes too; they buy groceries too; they support families too.
I like the services they perform. I need the services they perform. Don’t you? Think about it.
M.E. Decker
Bowling Green
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