To the Editor: BG man supports amendment
Written by Thomas Hoffman   
Friday, 01 November 2013 09:32
I'm writing as a concerned student and citizen of Bowling Green. I'm concerned with the future health of our citizens harmed by this country's unnecessary obsession with fossil fuels.
In particular, I'm responding to a letter published in the Sentinel-Tribune on Wednesday, Oct. 30. In this letter, a Mr. Brian Jaffee argues the proposed charter amendment to ban fracking in Bowling Green is "unnecessary," even going as far as stating that "Many of the protections that this city's residents would receive if the amendment were passed already exist in the form of the federal Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and CERCLA." We have to maintain an essence of truth during this debate - which has already proved to be incredibly divisive, largely in part to a hierarchical campaign of lies designed to purposefully misinform the people and sway their vote against the amendment. Truth, sadly, has been abandoned. The reason why fracking has such financial appeal (and why it is a serious worry for the people of Bowling Green) is that it has escaped virtually any semblance of federal regulation. Does the "Halliburton loophole" ring a bell? Because of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, extraction companies aren't required to disclose the toxic chemicals used in their fracking process - they are given direct exemptions from the aforementioned Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and CERCLA, as well as the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Also, According to the Ohio State Bar Association, Ohio's laws are "similar to, and in some ways broader than" federal laws that apply (or, to be more accurate, don't) to fracking; these laws have also been criticized as "inadequate to properly regulate the expansion of this burgeoning business in Ohio." Fracking is indeed a burgeoning (and unnecessary) business. We may be safe temporarily, but it needs to be reminded that the Niles city council's own ordinance to ban fracking lasted just a month. Unless it's banned via the charter amendment, fracking will arrive on our doorstep in only a matter of time. The way to secure the future of our community is through ambitious clean energy solutions. I urge everyone in Bowling Green to examine the facts and vote yes on the charter amendment.
Thomas Hoffman
Bowling Green

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