To the Editor: BG man says Deen victim of political correctness
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 03 July 2013 10:07
Paula Deen
Political Correctness.
50 years ago, as of this writing, I was an ignorant, uneducated 7 year old boy, living in Birmingham, Alabama.
Smack-dab in the middle of the deep South.
And I can tell you, everyone back then, from the Governor on down, used the "N"-word,--- even black people.
Unfortunately, that is just the way it "was."
It was 50 years ago!
Am I to be vilified, like Paula Deen, by these apparently "holier-than-thou" types?
People can change.
Lord knows, I did. So does my way-darker-than-me, wife.
Where are these companies (Wal-Mart, Food Network, etc.) abilities to forgive the past, where is their humanity; "their" moral compass?
To paraphrase the president, on this issue, I have "evolved."
Can't everyone else be allowed to?
Personally, I do NOT like being called "white-boy," honky, peckerwood, or as Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman on his cell-phone, Cracker!
Why are these words somehow allowed, but other words are not?
Political Correctness.
In a TV ad for insurance, a white man is given some seriously painful looking wedgies, by a black man, a white woman, and a pre-teen looking girl.
In another ad, same thing happens, only this time he is "kicked" very hardly in the middle of his rear end.
This is apparently deemed funny, ha ha.
But consider this; if they reversed those roles, and the white man did it to them, the N.A.A.C.P., N.O.W., and children's advocacy groups would be screaming bloody-murder!
Why? What's wrong with one, --- but not the other?
Think about it folks; this is not equality, (that idealistic goal) this is political correctness. OK for some; not OK for others.
In my opinion, as a society; we haven't evolved at all.
Harold Chapman
Bowling Green

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