To the Editor: BG man sad that Ohio may adopt ‘stand your ground’ law
Written by V. N. Krishnan   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:06
I am sad to hear that Ohio too wants to follow Florida in changing its law by copying its "stand your ground" doctrine in its gun law. I am in no way suggesting anything against gun ownership or about the Second Amendment even though it has done nothing to protect lives and even of those very people - law enforcement personnel - who have sworn to enforce it. We have been sick and tired of hearing about the incessant accounts of shooting attempts at schools, malls, now at the airport and on a daily basis on our streets, convenience stores and gas stations.
Dr. Feeman a well-known and respected concerned citizen has written a thoughtful letter (Nov.6th) warning against changing our gun law appealing to the conscience of gun owners asking them if they were not bothered by the bodies of school children gunned down. Are we placing the most valuable asset we have - our children - above that of our guns? What a precarious world we want to build in which we want our most valuable asset to grow up? To do this recently our Congress abdicated its supreme legislative function in by passing Article 1, Section I of the Constitution surrendering it to the NRA in spite of a 54 to 46 vote favoring the legislation for a background check on gun ownership in its own chamber which had the support of 80 percent of the population. Are we intent in developing a society of guerilla warriors or a society of humans with conscience, compassion and social skills to interact with each other as humans?
Do our lawmakers ever think of the future when it comes to our children? What kind of a world do they want them to grow up? One where you can readily shoot or one where you are taught to behave as a human. The doctor who warned us is dedicated to heal and comfort us. Very much of that is devoted now in ERs because of what comes out of a barrel of a gun. Lawmakers seem to be oblivious of this fact.
V. N. Krishnan
Bowling Green

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