To the Editor: BG man responds to letter about denouncing hate-filled oratory
Written by Robert W. Eckert   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 08:27
This is in response to an 8/8 letter titled: "Hate-filled oratory should be denounced". Another laughable and ridiculous quote toward the end of the article states: "Such tactics have no place in American political discourse." Wow! Where have you been the last 8 years?
I listen to Rush most days and watch Glenn Beck most days and never has anyone called the Democrats "Nazis" or compared our president to Adolf Hitler. Rush does voice concern and draws parallels and rightly so when the president's top health advisers write articles about the "value" of 2 year olds compared to 15 and 70 year old persons when evaluating a health procedure "investment." Even though our president has never released his birth certificate, it has been satisfactorily researched that unfortunately he was probably in fact born in Hawaii. Regarding our new supreme court justice, the statues outside most courtrooms have a figure blindfolded holding a scale, so forgive me if I'm inclined to question an appointing attitude of "empathy" and multiple statements of racial enlightenment as basis for judicial decisions.
The fact is that many people, myself included are frightened and apprehensive about this country being plunged into trillions of dollars of debt, signing off and voting for bills that aren't read, proposing a tax on energy use to curb "global warming" (only a liberal could deduce that by charging me extra on my electric bill that we would be fighting global warming) and threatening to take over 1/7th of our economy by installing a slippery slope to a single pay government run nightmare called healthcare reform. Perhaps I would feel more confident if someone could show me an efficient, solvent, program whose budget was forecasted accurately. Not Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Cash for Clunkers, Washington D.C. public school system, Amtrak, U.S. Postal Service.
Are we drilling for oil yet in the U.S.? Have we built a new refinery in the last 40 years as a common sense and self-protective bridge to semi trucks with wind powered electric turbines on the roof? We need fuel and lots of it for a very long time. I suppose there are a few well paying long-term jobs associated with that exercise and perhaps even long-term monetary benefit to help offset this extreme "stimulus" spending and perhaps even an appropriate destination for some of those dollars. Of course $100 million for fieldĀ  mouse research in Oregon is important too! How about letting me keep the $867.13 that was withheld from my last paycheck, but of course that doesn't empower anyone but me, can't have that! Does China or Russia give a darn about their "environments"? Nobody does it better, cleaner, more efficiently and conscientiously than American business and industry. Did anyone else see the ad portraying President Bush morphing into Adolf Hitler and witness the daily onslaught of some of the most disrespectful, nasty, crude, dare I say "organized" commentary over the last 8 years?
Robert W. Eckert
Bowling Green


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