To the Editor: BG man critical of 'cowards' playing 'knock-out' game
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 09:53
So you think you are tough?
Look up the word "tough" in any dictionary.
To all of these youngins' out there that think you are some kind of "man" or macho, by pulling this "knock-out" game on unsuspecting elderly victims; I've got news for you: you are the most despicable, lowest form of coward, this planet has ever witnessed.
And in interviews on TV, you laugh and think this is funny.
You are the sincerest form of pathetic. Do you also steal from your own mother?
As an ex-martial artist/ex-military type guy, I can tell you flat out that attacking someone from behind, when you have not been provoked, is infantile at best.
Growing up, I realized that that big old dude I saw beating people up at school, never fought anybody his own size, but always guys smaller than him; and he walked around telling all the kids how "tough" he was. He was just a bully.
And then he decided to pick on me.
After that day; I don't remember him picking on anyone else.
When one of you punks can sit across the table from me, look me straight in the eye, shove a ball-point pen right through your hand, and not blink an eye, I might be slightly impressed.
Until then; you are just the worst kind of cowardly bully.
Because "tough" is not how many people you can hurt - but rather how much pain you can take!
Harold Chapman
Bowling Green

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