To the Editor: BG doctor wants ‘Obamacare’ defunded
Written by W.E. Feeman Jr, MD   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 08:48
There is a great deal of controversy about President Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA has a number of good points but will mark the death knell of the traditional practice of American medicine.  I certainly agree that  traditional American medicine is not perfect.  It is way too expensive and the insurance companies have taken it upon themselves to refuse to pay for - and hence to deny - medical care for their clients.
The ACA would appear to take on these issues, but in fact it does not. The devil is in the details. President Obama will never back down from the ACA - after all it is his signature legislation, his legacy. To back down would make him look silly, and he will take this country down before he does that. The ACA is in fact expensive, both directly and indirectly. The uninsured young healthy adults will have to buy insurance that they don't need. (A catastrophic care plan might be better than a policy that covers an ill middle-aged person - and at a fraction of the cost - but that won't happen since to fund Obamacare, there must be a large number of healthy people buying the more expensive package.)  Also, companies with 30 or more employees would have to offer insurance to them, so they either make their surplus (30 or more) employees part-time workers, or simply fire them. This has happened.
To make Obamacare work, the ACA must contain costs - but Obama can not raise taxes or appear to cut services, as either would be unpopular politically.  So he has inserted Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's) into the mix. These death squads will determine what kind of care you get, or even if you get any care. The outcomes will be no different than in England, where people are told that "Nothing can be done," when in fact something could well be done.  It will all come down to "bottom line" care, and if your care is too expensive, you will just have to die. People who don't know you will over-rule your attending physician's care, and there won't be anything you can do about it.
My advise is to defund the ACA and start anew - and this time get it right.
W.E. Feeman Jr, MD
Bowling Green

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