To the Editor: BG board has not shown why it needs levy
Written by Daniel Reider   
Thursday, 02 May 2013 09:33
I am a CPA who does taxes for Bowling Green taxpayers. Having been busy with tax clients the past few months, I see a representative sample of how well Bowling Green residents are doing.
If 80 board of education employees make over $80,000 and the superintendent makes over $140,000, then most of my clients are not doing nearly as well. The first thing that came to my mind was: "Why should people who are paid through mandatory taxes make more than people who must provide goods or services that consumers voluntarily pay for"? Since it's the private sector that funds the public sector, and not vice versa, shouldn't the public sector employees earn at most the same? We currently have an unsustainable bubble that is going to pop.
My next thought is "Why does the School Board need $4.2 million to replace $800k in reduced state funding that is already being covered by increases in federal funding, increased income tax from new residents and increased property taxes from new construction?" During the March 19th board meeting, a citizen, in the interest of transparency, asked the board to publish its financials on the Internet. Where are they? Show us some detail of what your revenues and expenses are. If you don't have a formal annual report, like private companies, then just show us what reports you have. They don't have to be pretty.
I can go online and look at the financials of just about any corporation. I have even gone online and looked at the financials of some Ukrainian companies and viewed their financials in English! This is how organizations, that must convince consumers to voluntarily buy their products, must operate. If the school board wants my vote, they're going to have to do the same.
So far they haven't. I'm voting "NO" on the school tax levy.
Daniel Reider
Bowling Green

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