To the Editor: Banning abortions contradicts belief in small government
Written by Byron Swartz   
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 09:10
In the budget signed into effect recently, Gov. John Kasich banned majority of cases for abortion, while shutting down many abortion clinics. Do these Republican governors realize that they are contradicting their own beliefs?
The Republicans want small government, but argue that we need laws preventing abortion. I just don't get it. If these guys and gals are supposed to be the "pro- small government" side of politics, than it's time to change up some of their ideologies. I will be set to register to vote soon, and am seriously considering registering as a Democrat purely because the small government Republican party is long gone.
The party should realize a few things. If a woman wants to have an abortion, that choice should be between her and her God, and NOT her and her government. So, why does the government need to be the middle man? Additionally, when Gov. Kasich signed the bill which mandated that most abortion clinics shut down, jobs are gone. I have a message for Gov. Kasich: If you're focused on "jobs, jobs, jobs" then quit trying to eliminate them.
When it comes to the economy, I'm the biggest Kasich fan out there. But when it comes to social issues, let's realize that it's time for the government to step aside. We're not in the 90's anymore. Times, people, and ideologies have changed. Perhaps, the Republican party should do the same.
Byron Swartz
Millbury, Ohio

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