To the Editor: Arming teachers is not the answer
Written by Tom Morgan   
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 10:17
Protecting our school children by using armed teachers is going to take a little bit of thought and preparation.  If our teachers are to be successful they have to be better equipped and trained than the bad guy(s).
First off, we must plan for the worst scenario in which the bad guy(s) will have high-power assault weapon(s) with large capacity clips.  Our teachers will need a rifle with no less than the same firepower and a 2x larger magazine. The same goes for the ratio of size and capacity between side arms of bad guy(s) vs teacher.
It is entirely possible that the bad guy(s) will be wearing body armor, which is available on the open market. Not to be outdone, our teachers must be likewise equipped with adequate body armor. Every day on the news we see our combat soldiers in Afghanistan wearing world-class combat armor.  There should be enough military hardware available (helmet included) to outfit our brave teachers.
In previous attacks some of the school shooters have used explosives during their attacks so it makes just good common sense to have teachers equally equipped by carrying whatever hand grenades or RPGs as will be required to take out the bad guy(s).
Throughout any such ordeal the teachers will be expected to retain control of traumatized students and render guidance and assistance while shielding them.  Maintaining an emotional connection with the kids while fully equipped will be a real challenge for the teachers.  Perhaps some kind of make-up (happy face?) or colorful creative body armor painting would help.  That kind of class participation might make a good project to help students deflect combat stress brought on by an attack.
Tom Morgan
Bowling Green

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