To the Editor: Adversarial atmosphere hurts BGSU
Written by Phil Caron   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 10:40
Bowling Green State University is making the following headlines "Universities' Debts Jump"  - "BGSU takes hit from the State" - BGSU faculty, administration both file Unfair Labor Practice complaints"!  
The BGSU debt has jumped 50 percent in the last 10 years - yet the university is calling for $200 million for more new bricks.  Spending all this money in recent years and claiming to have a backlog of maintenance which BGSU claims it is due to decreased state funding?  
Moody's Investment Services downgraded higher education sector to negative due to debt concerns!  The "State Share of Instruction" formula no longer pays per student enrolled but rather students graduating (great concept)!
That the state cut BGSU more than any other institution in the state speaks very poorly as BGSU is failing miserably.  
Then you have the administration and faculty totally not working together in the best interest of the university!  
Arguing about providing names of union employees or not providing names is little league and ole' fashion union / management division with the only losers being the students. The administration, who is responsible for managing the university business, wants to cut 100 faculty members well within their rights.  
Then having the Faculty Senate voting to have the administration reconsider the cuts? This action prompted protesters and signatures accomplishing nothing regarding the bigger picture.  
Parents and students considering the university of their choice will totally be turned off by what appears to be a college out of control having their own agendas! None of these actions are solving problems or encouraging new students while convincing more to transfer out of BGSU.  Taxpayers are more interested than ever in having accountability and results as the state money is their money!  
The financial community, Moody's,  is not supporting overspending as bricks don't teach.  
Making sure students who put their hard earn investments into BGSU are allowed to fall away and not graduate is totally unacceptable.  
Having an adversarial administration and faculty is a cancer spreading throughout the fabric of BGSU. Who is in charge of the asylum?  
Get back to the basis of financial accountability, insuring graduation, teamwork between management and union, and remembering who are the customers including the stockholder taxpayers.
Phil Caron

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