To the Editor: Why should we trust the government now?
Written by Robert McGeein   
Monday, 17 August 2009 09:59
The president and Congress wants us to trust their effort to change the health care system. Will someone please tell me why I should trust them in light of the following history?
Since 1965 every new president and Congress has told us that they were different. Starting with Johnson who was defeated in Vietnam, followed by Nixon who tried to hijack the Constitution, followed by Carter who was a failure by any measure, followed by Reagan who doubled the national debt, followed by GHW Bush who promised not to raise taxes and then did so, followed by GW Bush who quadrupled the national debt.
Successive Congresses have lost the confidence of the people with the steady revelation of sex scandals, criminal charges and frequent efforts to rewrite history to hide their mistakes. Congress has become an embarrassment.
Would someone please tell me why I (we) should trust this president or this Congress with something as important as our health care. They have nearly destroyed our economy and with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and prescription drug (all run by the government) going broke in the next 10  to 15 years my question is - why should I (we) trust them now.
Why I should trust this president and his Congress in light of history? Why are they different?
Robert McGeein
Bowling Green

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