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Written by Diane Pretzer   
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 10:26
It is wonderful that millions of Americans are satisfied with their health care.  I have no complaints about mine, which combines government-run Medicare and a private insurance company plan.  Because I am a reasonably healthy person, there are years when I don't reach my deductible limits or do so quite late in the  year, thus benefitting little from my potential coverage.  This doesn't disturb me because I know it is there for the times I really need it.
What if I didn't have any coverage at all and needed attention to serious health problems?  I would then be like millions of Americans who, all too often, neglect their health because they cannot pay for care.  Should I, among the satisfied millions, ignore the plight of the uncovered millions?  My conscience doesn't let me do that.  I wanted very American to get needed care, and I have no problem with the idea that some of my tax dollars will help them. I  can't understand why many Americans seem so indifferent to the plight of those who do not have health insurance.  Some people make much of calling our secular nation "a Christian nation," but I do not find that label appropriate because, all too often, the people who use that label seem not to believe in the "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you" concept supposedly associated with being a "good" Christian.
Furthermore, among our citizens who suggest that  our government cannot do a good job of administering a health program, I do not see many of Medicare age refusing their Medicare benefits.
If other leading industrialized nations can cover all their citizens, why can't we?  If they do so at lower cost, why can't we?  If they offer extensive preventative coverage and thus avoid some of the more expensive curative coverage, why can't we?   When Americans cooperate with each other, we are a "Can Do" nation.  Let us provide a public option for our citizens who cannot afford private insurance options.  When everyone has some fair coverage, controlling abuse of the system will be easier and our nation will be much healthier.                            
Diane Pretzer
Bowling Green

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