To the Editor: Veterinarian supports Issue 2
Written by Justin Kieffer D.V.M.   
Monday, 19 October 2009 09:24
As a Bowling Green native who works with livestock producers in NW Ohio, SE Michigan and NE Indiana, I would strongly encourage Ohio voters to pass Issue 2 this November. 
This will create a fair and science based approach to animal husbandry and welfare. It will allow people with expertise such as veterinarians and animal welfare scientists to determine what is best to produce safe, wholesome animal products while taking care of these creatures that provide us with sustenance. The Humane Society of the United States is not really a humane society. It is a giant lobbying organization that pushes a vegan agenda and promotes the abolition of animal agriculture. The fact is a large majority of the funding this organization receives goes to lobbying to take away your meat, dairy and eggs, as well as ending critical animal-based research that improves the lives of humans, livestock and pets. For those of you who think this only involves "factory farms" (whatever that means), take this into account: It does not matter whether you have 5 chickens in your yard or 5,000 laying hens, or 50 milk cows or 500. In the end they will try to ban it all. They want to take away your access to high quality, nutritious protein and destroy the livelihood of every grain and livestock farmer in the process. This is Ohio's largest industry! They will chip away as long as they can until nothing is left. Do not let this Washington-based massive animal rights agenda take a stanglehold on what is right for our livestock industry.
Take it from a veterinarian who cares deeply for the animals and farm families that I see everyday. Let farmers, veterinarians, scientists and animal welfare experts determine what is best for our animals to maximize production while at the same time creating a safe and humane environment for them to live in.
Justin Kieffer D.V.M.
Hudson, MI
P.S. If you want to help a humane society, donate to your local shelter where your dollars are desperately needed by hardworking people trying to find animals homes. Your money will go a long way there.


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