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Written by Tom Cavendish   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 09:50
One of the letters to the editor in the Dec. 2 Sentinel-Tribune got me to thinking. It doesn't surprise me that there are some contradictions in the Bible being that it has been translated from different languages and revised, etc. I know I have said something and a short time later it is nothing like what I said in the beginning, but the original thought is still there.
Think about this, the sun comes up on a precise minute every morning for how many years we don't know.
The sun is 93 million miles from Earth and if it moved 500 miles closer we would burn up and if it moved 500 miles farther away we would freeze. I suppose the scientists have some explanation of why the sun is a gaseous renewable source of energy that has been there for millions of years and hasn't disintegrated. Seems awesome to me that anything that huge could be so exact.  Life as we know it could not exist without the exactness of the sun. I really don't think this just happens on its own everyday. There has to be a supreme architect of the universe.
Hope you had a merry Christmas. I did. Hope yours is even better next year.
Tom Cavendish

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