To the Editor: Portage didn't need its own police
Written by Doyle H. Phillips   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 10:06
Bravo to Kevin Sullivan! Were I a member of Portage's village council, after reading his letter to the editor I would feel about 2 feet tall. The council's pathetic attempt to prop up their police department by annexing several local businesses bespeaks a total lack of character - not to mention common sense.
If any law enforcement organization deserves to die an ignominious death, it is the Portage P.D. But like death row inmates frantically filing appeals to stave off their richly deserved fate, the Portage cops and their enablers on council tried desperately to survive a little while longer.
The Portage P.D. is one of the last of a vanishing institution; the small town police department. Those of us old enough to remember the sitcom Mayberry RFD, recall fondly those who patrolled its streets. The reality was often somewhat darker. The old addage that you get what you pay for is never more true than when you are hiring law enforcement personnel. Being in no position to pay adequate wages, little towns had to hire officers no professional law enforcement organization would touch.
Here in Jerry City we had our own parade of yahoos who "upheld" the law. We cashiered the last of them several years ago, and I can tell you they are not missed. Despite predictions that the village would collapse into lawlessness, we have experienced no spike in crime. I suspect Portage won't either, and it's time they face the reality that a police force is something they don't need and never did.
Doyle H. Phillips
Jerry City

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