To the Editor: People, not government, key to health care
Written by John Randall   
Friday, 21 August 2009 08:29
Government is always more wasteful and inefficient than private enterprise. The "Cash For Clunkers" boondoggle has already spent its allocated funds 13 times faster than planned.
Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, some people believe the White House and Congress can efficiently, economically - and apparent magically - reduce the costs of health care while maintaining quality and expanding availability. This view defiles both logic and history. It's simply and demonstrably not possible.
The same people who rightly decry the greed of insurance companies excuse their own equal greed when they want government to rob me to pay their medical expenses. If you want to reduce expenses, get the government out of there regulating business, not increase it. Government inefficiency increased administrative costs, encourages fraud and waste, forces doctors to perform unnecessary tests, increases the costs of - and pushes back the release of -new drugs. My wife and I participate in a voluntary program wherein Christians help each other directly with the medical bills rather than expecting insurance companies or the government to support us. It is protection that we can afford, and it works. Also, it pays to shop around. There are hospitals and medical specialists which will adjust their rates according to your income.
If you really want to lower health-care costs, reform the personal injury and class-action racket that encourages people to sue for exorbitant punitive damages.
My late father gave up his practice because he couldn't justify the malpractice premiums he had to play in order to protect his livelihood, People should pay of their own pocket for routine visits to the doctor instead of filing an insurance claim every time, thus jacking up rates. People receiving 'free' stuff from the government never get enough. This monstrosity is a bottomless pit that will bankrupt those of us who pay taxes.
John Randall
Bowling Green

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