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Written by Veronica Gold   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 09:22
It's been estimated that proposed Natural Gas Act of 2009 would create 420,000 jobs nationally.  Further, its passage would have a ripple effect of approximately 1.5 million secondary jobs analogous to the manufacturing base in Ohio that once supported our "Big Three" auto companies.  Yet, only six members of Ohio's Congressional Delegation support this bipartisan legislation: John Boccieri, Marcy Kaptur, Steven LaTourette, Tim Ryan, Betty Sutton and Patrick Tiberi.  This legislation is also supported by Boone Pickens.
The Pickens Plan is a bipartisan network of over 1.5 million people advocating use of natural gas, wind and solar energy.  Benefits from these include reduced dependence on foreign oil, hundreds of thousands of  new jobs and a greener environment.  Natural gas is significantly cleaner than petroleum and abundant in the U.S.
All Ohioans must be aware of what will inevitably occur if there is not more support for the Natural Gas Act.  Certainly, Ohio will receive far fewer of the jobs generated by its passage at a time when unemployment is over 10 percent.  Wouldn't it be likely that the only congressional districts to attract these jobs would be those districts where congressional support existed?  
What if it doesn't pass in Congress?  Ohio would have fewer taxpayers so the economy would continue to deteriorate.  Perhaps our younger citizens would go to other regions.  The opportunity for a greener environment would be set back.
On a national level, U.S. security would continue to be threatened due to the reliance on foreign petroleum from countries that don't like us.  Companies investing heavily in clean-energy technologies could establish themselves overseas in friendlier business environments or those with investment dollars will find other investment opportunities.   Dangerously, our natural gas may be sold out from under our feet to countries that can put it to use in their heavy vehicle fleets.  Please, contact your representative via and strongly urge sponsorship of the act. Do it for jobs in Ohio.  Do it to improve our national security.  Do it to improve the environment.
Veronica Gold
Bowling Green
Ohio's State Leader
The Pickens Plan

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