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Written by Mary Jo Thieman Bosch   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 09:50
A year ago we elected a black president by a substantial margin with the help of many white voters. We weren't racist when we voted him in, but now we're racist if we disagree with or criticize him.
Participants in tea parties have often been misconstrued as insurance and health care tools. Rather, the mindset of the attendees is concern over government eradicating our rights and putting themselves in control of our lives.
Many liberals blame conservatives for spreading lies about health care. If they listen, they'll hear that the confusion comes from Congress and the administration. Watching the news, you'll hear them repeatedly contradict themselves. President Obama has repeatedly said that taxpayer money will not be pay for abortions, but assured that would happen when he voided the Mexico City Policy. There's nothing in the health care plan that eliminates taxpayer funded abortion; that alone leaves open the possibility of  funding in the future. Health care reform should save not destroy lives.
It's bizarre to malign talk-show hosts when the mainstream media created the problem by stifling the truth and only telling us what they choose to. Listening to talk-shows can dispense information that the mainstream media refuses to share. Noisy, hard-hitting talk shows would soon lose their popularity if we could depend on straightforward reporting from regular news sources.
Republicans aren't fighting health care reform because it's a Democrat plan. We've heard about government-backed health care in other countries, some good, some terrible. Many folks want to believe bad things never happened and socialized medicine is the answer. We'd have more confidence that the health care was good for our families if it included the president's and politicians' families. Instead, we must be cautious; many from both parties care more about money and power than people. Congress must do it right or we'll all suffer. No one should  be required to pay for or take part in abortion.
Conservatives have been called sheep. but they only follow the shepherd they can trust. Since he was in the Senate, Obama made it clear that he is no friend of life. He's appointed many who aren't supportive of American values, the elderly, disabled or unborn. Now we're expected to believe that he has our best interests at heart. As sheep, we look for the shepherd we know we can trust, and that shepherd is not Obama. We want their declarations written in stone because we have no confidence in this pretend shepherd nor his followers.
Life lasts from conception until natural death. Without life, who needs health care?
Mary Jo Thieman Bosch

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