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Written by Kevin Sullivan   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 09:36
This is concerning the taxing of the businesses Portage is trying to annex. I work at Century Marketing and I would be affected by this.
You have a village that cannot afford to take care of itself, so they want to tax me. I get absolutely no benefit from this. The village has nothing to offer me. Will I get trash pickup? Will I get police protection? Will I get fire protection? No.
I will get nothing except a smaller paycheck.
The companies would get a reduction in their sewage disposal rate. Century would save a minuscule amount of money.
Portage has a mayor who has not paid his property tax and the 1 percent income tax. Let the village go after the mayor for money.
Make sure all of the citizens of Portage are current on their taxes. Get all the people of Portage to pay everything they owe and see how much money you have, and then spend only that amount of money.
Don't come after me, a person who doesn't even drive through your town, to try to fund your town.
But heck, why stop with the three businesses mentioned? Why not keep going to Kramer Road? There are three more businesses to be taxed. Tax everything possible, offer no services and Portage would be awash in cash.
My taxes have already increased tremendously. The taxes on property I own increased by 134.5 percent last year. The tax more than doubled; its's 2.3 times what it was last year. The land doesn't generate any more money. Everything is the same except the taxes more than doubled and now Portage also wants my money.
I give money to charities. That is my choice. We have a charitable foundation here at work that I contribute money to weekly. It's my choice to give money to that charity. I give money to the U.S.O. I have a son who did two tours of duty in Iraq and used the U.S.O. while in the military. I give money to organizations that help wounded veterans. I donate to the Salvation Army. There are more organizations that I, voluntarily, give money to. But I only have so much money to give.
If Portage decides they are going to take my money then I will have no money to give to organizations that truly need it, and actually help people. If the businesses are annexed, Portage will become my charity and, Lord knows, they are more deserving than our servicemen.
If the village cannot pay for itself, why in the world should I, a person who has nothing to do with the village, be forced to pay to keep it going?
If the citizens of Portage don't want to take care of themselves, why should I?
Portage, you are a joke.
Kevin Sullivan
Bowling Green

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