To the Editor: Let election be conservatives vs. liberals
Written by Jack Dawson   
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 09:45
If you are dissatisfied with the liberal leadership in Washington and elsewhere, and want to assure a maximum conservative victory in the 2010 elections, this is a suggested solution.
The polls indicate there are more conservative voters than liberals. The next election will typically be framed Republican vs. Democrat. The Democratic vote is not fragmented. Though there are many different voting blocks they all vote together. After the election they all vote for Democratic control of Congress to control the legislative priority.  This fact makes it difficult to out vote them.
Conservatives, on the other hand consist of Republicans, Libertarians, T-Party and Independents. The difference is that each group wants to nominate a candidate that will reflect their views, which is understandable. This makes it unlikely that any one of these segments will e a majority party in the near future. The liberal candidates that won because of a split opposition will be setting the priorities.
The Rasmussen polls indicate that conservative voters win when compared conservative vs. Democrats, but lose when T-Party, Republican, Libertarian and Independents are vs. Democrats.
In many countries coalitions are formed after the elections in order to gain control of managing the government. We need to learn from this experience, but go one step further. In each contest we must select the mostly likely to succeed conservative candidate to run against the liberal.
In other words to win the election it must be framed conservative vs. liberal and not Republican vs. Democrat.
There are many ways this can be accomplished. It will require team players rather than all-stars. The all-stars have had their chance. Now is the time to send in the second teams. If this is done there will be three or four teams playing against one.
Jack Dawson
Grand Rapids

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