To the Editor: Is BG recycling rule being fairly enforced?
Written by Sheila Campbell   
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 08:23
I am very conscientious about my recycling. I follow the rules posted by the Department Of Public Works. The recycling container that my family uses is also shared with another family. I go out of my way to remove glass objects and bottle caps that have been placed into the recycling container by the other family that shares the container.
Yesterday I received my 2nd notice informing me that I need to place the recycling container where the collection crew can see it. I have always put the recycling container at curbside in plain view. I also make sure that it is at least 5 feet away from all other objects.
I can't/won't stay up all night to be sure that none of my neighbors put their containers too close to mine. Needless to say, my recycling container was not emptied and it is full. I think that it is unfair for the Department Of Public Works to single out my container and threaten to no longer provide this service to my family.
Come down East Reed Avenue on trash/recycle day and you will see that most of the containers that are curbside are not 5 feet apart! Do I need to stand outside on trash/recycle day and watch the Department of Public Works pick up my recycle container? Maybe I should just stop recycling all together and just put out my regular trash each week.
Sheila Campbell
Bowling Green

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