To the Editor: He fears loss of Portage police
Written by Doyle H. Phillips   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 09:01
In the furor surrounding Portage's possible loss of its traffic light, folks are losing sight of a far more important issue, namely the abrogation of the Portage police department. Wood County is fortunate enough to have some excellent law enforcement, but you can't appreciate good law enforcement unless you also have bad law enforcement. You have to have a baseline to measure against.
In this regard the Portage cops are worth their weight in doughnuts. Stories of their dumb, incompetent, and often heavy-handed law enforcement are legion. From the officer who ticketed someone for having a burned-out license plate bulb to the infamous "cowboy cops," the Portage PD has provided Wood County residents with a wealth of entertaining "can-you-top-this?" stories.
Admittedly, no law enforcement is preferable to bad law enforcement from a liability standpoint, but the loss of the Portage PD would create a terrible void, and we as a county would be the poorer for it. This is a situation that demands the citizens of Wood County be proactive. We cannot allow this treasured institution to fade into history.
My advice to Portage's town council is to hire a grant writer to make a case for saving their police department. With all the money Barack Obama and his hacks are throwing around these days, any grant writer worth his salt should be able to dream up a pretext to petition the federal government for money. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose.
Doyle H. Phillips
Jerry City

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