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Written by Michael S. Cooper   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 08:31
I am writing regarding issues 2 and 3. After reading all the information on Issue 2, I'm not sure the local family farmers displaying "Vote Yes" signs have read the issue carefully. To amend the Constitution is dicey business to begin with, but to do so without completely understanding it is even worse! The proposed board could end up with up to seven members of one party - not good! The state makes no distinction between CAFOs (Confined Animal Feed Operations" and family farms. The current head of the ODA, who seems to love CAFOs, is to become chairman of the board. So, we may end up with a factory farmer, the state considers them family farmers, as one of the family farmers appointed by the state. Other than the two private citizens, appointed by the governor, everyone else on the board is connected to the state. So we will have a board of eight people who earn a living from, or are licensed by the state of Ohio. I feel the board will be loaded with people who will be biased toward the state and not willing to stand their ground. If your paycheck is coming from the state, how willing would you be to jeopardize that?
As far as scaring people by telling us that out of state activist groups like the humane society and P.E.T.A. will come in and regulated, is like saying people who are opposed to Issue 3 are from Ohio. Most  groups advertising against Issue 3 are out-of-state casinos with post office boxes in Columbus.
If the national humane society or P.E.T.A. come after farms, it won't be family farms. They will go after CAFOs. I don't know how many family farms, if any, fit the payroll criteria in this amendment. There needs to be regulation of CAFOs who are now self-regulated. What a joke! Anyone who lives near one, as I do, will agree. The roads are being destroyed by these CAFOs faster than the state, county or townships can fix them. Cows, hogs and chickens don't pay taxes, so who will pay for these repairs? You will or they will go un-fixed. I don't have room in this letter to go into the mess the manure is already causing in my area!
Please don't change the Constitution to protect these CAFOs. I trust true family farmers who are raising animals, and have been for how many years. In my opinion, Issue 2 will not impact true family farms. Instead, it will create a board to protect CAFOs. Therefore, I urge you to vote no on Issue 2 and yes on Issue 3.
Michael S. Cooper

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