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Written by David Lester   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 09:44
In response to Debbie Dalke's Nov. 25 letter titled: Most valued principle: 'All men are created equal', I would like to challenge her on her research.
The public has a right to free speech to complain about unfair taxes; perhaps she should also read a history book which would educate her about what the original tea parties were about. As for her reference to habeas corpus, the Constitution grants American citizens these rights, not foreigners. If she wants to extend constitutional rights to foreigners, how about we start collecting income taxes from them as well? In other words, should they not be entitled to pay taxes for her "good public education"...which by the way, perhaps she should look up those facts as well; public education is in a downward spin-test scores suggest that students who are home-schooled or who attend private schools out perform their public school counterparts. Thus another form of government waste: forcing taxes upon the public to support an under performing, under prepared body of graduates.
In reference to the water boarding she cites she obviously did not research that a medical doctor was present during the administration of these procedures. That gun ownership should be "monitored", while we agree on that, I am not sure to what extent I want the government to control my personal self-defense.
I did not support Obama because he was a Muslim. I did not support him because he was a freshman senator with little experience! H was on the campaign trail most of his term as senator. He was absent or late for many of his votes in the Senate.
Finally the "constitutional right to gay marriage" is simply laughable. The irony is that no state which ever asked its citizens to vote approval for gay marriage has ever done so. The only states who have legalized/recognized gay marriage are those who have imposed it upon their citizenry without vote. The fact is, gay marriage is not a federal issue anyway, it is a state's right issue; and for many people a religious matter that is rooted in a document they hold more dearly to than the Constitution - the Bible; by the way, our "creator" is quoted as the source of our rights, so to try to undermine and change those rights would undermine the integrity of the document she researched itself.
David Lester

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