To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order
Written by David F. Mertz   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 09:27
I'm writing to firmly endorse the views and comments expressed by Jennifer Asmus and William Hale in letters on the opinion page on the Jan. 20 edition of the Sentinel-Tribune.
The views and comments were related to the Jan. 12 edition's Page 1 article about the Otsego school board's Jan. 11 meeting.
Although unfamiliar with the Will Rogers quote used by Mr. Hale, I really like it. I back this implied criticism of the press even though I have a 40-year journalism and newspaper career under my belt.
There was little need to play the meeting's happenings in such a manner. In addition, the unfortunate choice of words in the headline left me disappointed or questioning, if nothing else.
I don't know what dictionary is used in the Sentinel's hallowed halls. Mine, published by American Heritage, says that "shake-up" (if in fact there was a shake-up at the meeting) is a hyphenated noun, and this should have been used.
My response to the headline "Shake up at Otsego" was a likely response to a directive or order or command: "OK, I'll do it, but what do you want shaken up? A bottle of Coke or Pepsi, or a deck of cards, or a pair of dice, or something else?'
My heart goes out to the parents (and I know that they want and need more than my sincere feelings) who voiced concerns about their special-needs children's treatment. But registering those concerns should have been done in another manner, time, and place.
Calling for Mr. Garber's resignation or firing was out of order. After the meeting, when I overheard a man's comment to one of the parents that they should keep up the "pressure; we've got to get him out of here," referring to Mr. Garber, I wondered what or whose agenda is being pressed so fervently.
David F. Mertz
Bowling Green

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