To the Editor: Snow crews praised
Written by Sentinel-Tribune Staff   
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 10:14
Thanks to Bowling Green snow removal crew for another great job of keeping the roads safe for Bowling Green residents.
Dorothy Young
Bowling Green
To the Editor: BG man thankful for municipal services
Written by Al Green   
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 10:13
Thanks to City of Bowling Green. After I watched the news story last week regarding the contaminated water situation in West Virginia, I thought thank God for our dedicated Board of Public Utilities, Mayor Edwards, Brian O'Connell, Director of Utilities and all BG employees who maintain our water and all city utilities and departments.
We take for granted that we have good clean water and plenty of it. We flip a switch we have power. Need snow plowed - it's done. Have a fire or health emergency, or need police, and help is there in minutes.
Thanks for a great job by the City of Bowling Green Utilities/ Departments and all those in charge.
Al Green
Bowling Green
Editorial: Let's liven up snow levels
Written by JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN Sentinel-Tribune Editor   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 10:16
Jan Larson McLaughlin
While many in Wood County are suffering from cabin fever, buried under snow and bundled in blankets, we in the Sentinel-Tribune newsroom are looking for still more ways to describe just how frigid, annoying and intolerable the weather is this week.
So I've decided that maybe we need to jazz up this threat level ranking that county sheriffs use.
Let's be honest, Level 3 - which represents the worst road conditions and warnings to stay at home - really lacks any imagination.
I'm not suggesting that we name storms, like the Weather Channel now does. Christening a snowstorm "Walter" or "Melody" just doesn't pack any punch.
And I'm not talking code names like "Operation Frostbite."
Initially I suggested color coding, but one reporter reminded that our former terrorist threat levels adopted after 9/11 often incited panic when they peaked out at red.
To the Editor: Gun control can prevent needless violence
Written by William E. Feeman, Jr., M.D.   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 09:56
I guess that Bill Davisson and I will just have to disagree about the subject of gun control - afterall, all the Feeman boys followed their father's example and served in the US Armed Forces to defend the right to disagree on various topics and to be able to discuss those disagreements freely. But consider, if Mr. Davisson is right, then the slaughter of Americans will continue at its current rate, whereas if I am right, we actually do have a chance to prevent the needless slaughter that goes on daily. Also, if someone snaps and shoots up one of our schools, I will have a clear conscience in that I tried to do everything that I could to prevent it. I repeat what I wrote earlier: "How many people have to die because you get off on packing heat?"
William E. Feeman, Jr., M.D.
Bowling Green
To the Editor: Former BG man wants tougher sentences in cases of child deaths
Written by Denny Morelock   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 09:55
I am a former resident of Bowling Green, and recently moved to Kentucky for my job. I am also co-founder of Shaken Baby Syndrome of Ohio. Our family unfortunately had to deal with the whole justice system in Wood County back in 2006 when my grandson was shaken and the same result a rotten plea bargain just like today's 11 years for murder in the death of a 2-year-old BG Child. Wood County, Ohio, should totally once again be ashamed at the plea bargain deal they agreed to! Wood County voters should not continue to put up with this! Your judges and prosecutors are not doing their jobs to uphold the law and justice they took a oath to do!
To the Editor: BG man critical of 'cowards' playing 'knock-out' game
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 09:53
So you think you are tough?
Look up the word "tough" in any dictionary.
To all of these youngins' out there that think you are some kind of "man" or macho, by pulling this "knock-out" game on unsuspecting elderly victims; I've got news for you: you are the most despicable, lowest form of coward, this planet has ever witnessed.
And in interviews on TV, you laugh and think this is funny.
You are the sincerest form of pathetic. Do you also steal from your own mother?
As an ex-martial artist/ex-military type guy, I can tell you flat out that attacking someone from behind, when you have not been provoked, is infantile at best.
Growing up, I realized that that big old dude I saw beating people up at school, never fought anybody his own size, but always guys smaller than him; and he walked around telling all the kids how "tough" he was. He was just a bully.
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