To the Editor: Stop taxing smokers
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:03
There are a lot of people out there that think it would be a great idea to increase taxes, "again" on vile smokers.
These same people pollute the air hundreds of times worse than us! Every time they get into their vehicles.
I roll my own cigarettes, with a hand-crank machine, and have crunched the numbers.
I  smoke right at 8,800 cigarettes a year, or about 24 a day. It takes exactly 17.2 pounds of tobacco to roll them, per year.
The amount of carcinogenic particulate pollutants that I put out in one year, these folks put out in one "hour" of driving!
Think about it: If the average vehicle (think new cars - and jalopies) gets 20 miles per gallon, and drives from BG to Toledo and back, that vehicle has burned off three gallons of gasoline (a gallon equals right at 8 pounds dry weight), or 24 pounds of gasoline, or 24 pounds of "carcinogenic particulate pollutants!" That catalytic converter can only do so much.
17.2 pounds in one year, or 24 pounds in one hour. Which is the "least" destructive to our environment?
And my tobacco smoke goes through the filter of the cigarettes first, and then goes through two really big filters, called my lungs.
To the Editor: Woman wants more plowing, less towing of vehicles in BG
Written by Kala Barcus   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:02
I am very disappointed with the actions taken regarding another snow emergency on Feb. 2 in Bowling Green.
Yes, I live on a snow street. Yes, I failed to move my vehicle after a snow emergency was declared - not because of deliberate negligence but because I was unaware an emergency had been declared.
Yes, I received both a citation and had my car towed.
Bowling Green City Website: "The decision to declare this emergency is based on snowfall received in Bowling Green overnight and in recognition that significant snowfall may occur by mid-week."
I am wondering why this was necessary. Not only was this a pre-emptive towing in preparation for future storms, not necessarily current conditions, but the "plowing" on our street lacked … well, plowing. We almost slid through a stop sign on our street coming home from church and grocery shopping to find our car towed. And those same conditions remained this morning. If the city had no plans to salt and plow our street in a thorough and efficient manner, I am hard pressed to find a reason to cite us with a ticket and remove our car at a hefty towing fee (over $100).
To the Editor: Paper carrier thanked for great service
Written by Marilyn Long   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:01
Jan Larson McLaughlin's editorial applauding and appreciating those who face this cold weather by doing their work outside reminds me of my appreciation of the young man who delivers my Sentinel-Tribune.  I'd nominate him for Carrier of the Year if there was such a category!
During this bitter weather with extremely low wind chill factors, sub zero cold and snow, Truman Chambers has delivered my paper to my door every day.  Even the U.S. mail system hasn't been able to do that, and you know their slogan!
I hope everyone who receives the S-T feels the same way about their carrier. What a great job they do under adverse circumstances. Brr! How fortunate we who don't have to get out are! Perhaps this would be a good time to remember to give those who serve us so faithfully some extra monetary compensation!
Marilyn Long (mother of 3 former paper boys)
Bowling Green
To the Editor: Nation's leaders should work together
Written by Herb Dettmer   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:01
With all the unrest we see in the world today, "Arab Spring", protests everywhere, economies in trouble, the middle class slowly (rapidly?) falling into poverty, I wonder if, or when, this will happen here in the USA? The leaders of the countries of the world, including ours, are not solving problems. They may be in fact causing many of them. Why else do people protest, riot, and even rebel? The heavy handed response, of governments, to the people is not the answer.
Differences of opinion are normal in any society. But when these differences are ignored and belittled by those in power, problems develop. These problems fester and grow into the chaos that we see in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, Africa, countries of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.
To the Editor: Elmwood asked for school facility input
Written by Tony Borton   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:00
An open invitation to the Elmwood Community:
It is hard to believe, but this February marks 10 years that we have occupied our "new" building. This facility continues to be the pride of our community. Just like owning your home, as your house ages you need to repair, replace, and modernize certain components. The same is true for our school facility. With this in mind and now that we have reached the 10-year mark, the Board of Education is embarking on a capital improvement campaign to address concerns in our facilities now and into the future.
We are asking for community input at our Feb. 10 Board of Education meeting on some of these long term projects and repairs that are facing the district. The meeting will be in the auditeria starting at 7 p.m. At this time the board would like to utilize its existing resources to address some of these facility issues, and begin to develop a long-term plan for the district's needs and finances.
To the Editor: Don't forget white contributions to equality for Black Americans
Written by Jack Taylor   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 10:59
I can tell its February because schools, universities, businesses, churches, and many other organizations are joining in a variety of Black History Month activities, not limited to, but including, interracial discussions, art exhibits, speeches, newspaper articles, musical tributes and soul food dinners.
Many of us will pay homage to and celebrate the life and contributions of such notable African Americans as Dr. King, the voice of the modern Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, the mother of the modern Civil Rights Movement, Martin Delaney, the father of Black Nationalism, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, Tony Dungy, and, yes, President Barack Obama.
Indeed, all of these individuals are worthy of our praise and honor. Unfortunately, however, due to the emphasis on Black in Black History Month, many white Americans, such as Elijah Lovejoy, Viola Luizzo, William Moore, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, all who were murdered by other white Americans because of their involvement in the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality for Black Americans, will not be mentioned in many of the speeches and programs.
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