To the Editor: Man misses politeness, responsibility of past
Written by Larry Gillen   
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 08:04
I lived my childhood in the 50's. It seems that our country started its cultural fall during the 60's and hasn't stopped. Gone are the days when you could send your preteen child to downtown Toledo on a bus and not have to worry about their safety. Here are some more longings of the past:
1. Leaving your house unlocked because people respected your property and your hard work.
2. Leaving the car keys in the ignition while your car was in the driveway.
3. Being a child walking down the sidewalk talking to an adult without fear of being abducted.
4. Being an adult and saying, "Hi" to a child on the sidewalk without having someone call the police because you might be a pedophile.
5. Driving through a big city without worrying about being carjacked.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 13:01
To the Editor: Letter writer generates fear about gun limitations
Written by Christopher Williams   
Thursday, 19 June 2014 08:48
Having been called out as an "internet troll" and "animal" by Doyle Phillips, I feel compelled to respond. Mr. Phillips is angry because I called out the bile in his June 4 letter, in which he personally attacked both Dr. William Feeman and Professor V.N. Krishnan for writing letters criticizing America's fetishized culture of guns and the undeniable wake of death it has been leaving. Second Amendment extremists are a mounting terrorist threat in America, most dramatically reflected in the murder of three individuals just outside Las Vegas over the weekend. Our politicians have been able to do nothing, and insatiable gun extremists like Mr. Phillips grow more angry and unbalanced in their protestations after every shooting, sowing fear in the rest of the population, which I believe is their aim.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 13:00
To the Editor: Neighborhood problems cited in Hammansburg
Written by Tony Guy   
Thursday, 19 June 2014 08:47
I'm writing as I'm tired of what is going on in Hammansburg. I have had an ongoing problem there. From my house being broken into, landscaping being stolen, neighbor trespassing, and tires being disposed of on my property.
I have had the Sheriff out here several times. But all I get is excuses, things like; if you didn't see it you can't do anything. I was also told that I had to have my property surveyed, which I have owned this property since 1989.
I have done everything possible to protect my property. I have put up cameras, put in alarms, and secured the windows. With the last two incidents I haven't called the Sheriff as I feel what the use is. As the Sheriff don't want to do their job, or something.
Last Updated on Thursday, 19 June 2014 10:47
To the Editor: Bearing arms is individual right - not collective right
Written by Doyle H. Phillips   
Thursday, 19 June 2014 08:46
In viewing the Sentinel's website I find the issue of gun control has engendered a lively debate, and that is a healthy thing. From his latest missive, I see Dr. Feeman sliding further into paranoia with talk of "packing heat," and an "NRA playbook." His rhetorical question about people dying because of concealed carry permit holders bespeaks a lack of understanding both of permit holders and of the intent of the Founding Fathers in including the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
If you read the debate surrounding the inclusion of the 2nd Amendment, you will plainly see this is intended to be an individual right; not a collective right, as our web troll stubbornly asserts. The collective rights argument is simply an artifice, created by gun banners when their movement began to gain traction.
Last Updated on Thursday, 19 June 2014 10:47
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