To the Editor: Elmwood appreciates support for two levies
Written by Superintendent Tony Borton   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:49
To the Elmwood School Community:
I would like to start with a great big thank you for your support in renewing our income tax levies. We live in a great community that has continued to support its school system over many years. I would also like to thank everyone who helped in any way with the levy campaign and to all who helped or attended the town hall meetings. We are also aware that there are voters who did not support the renewal levy for one reason or another. It is our desire that we continue to work with you to address concerns that you may have had about the school system. The board of education, the administrative team, and the superintendent are always willing to listen and try their best to address your concerns. While it is not always possible to do everything that may be asked of us, the only way for us to know about an issue is to have open lines of communication and for you to share them with us so we may have at least honest dialogue. In the end, I hope every community member and staff member has the same goal, to make Elmwood Local Schools the best place to educate your children as possible. Thanks again.
Superintendent Tony Borton and the Elmwood Board of Education
Public deserves open meetings
Written by JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN, Sentinel-Tribune Editor   
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 08:59
Ask any kids and they will tell you - scary stuff happens in the dark.
As adults, we get over that irrational fear, but we still realize that the cover of darkness often allows wrongs to be committed that would not be attempted in the light of day.
Current open meetings law in Ohio requires that governmental bodies conduct their business in the bright sunshine of public participation.
But tucked away in the 5,371-page state budget bill is an amendment that shields governmental bodies from that uncomfortable glare and allows them to meet behind closed doors when discussing nearly any economic development issue. The change would allow townships, municipalities and counties to even discuss tax breaks for prospective businesses without input from the public - the people footing the bill of such tax abatements.
While open meetings law in Ohio already permits governmental bodies to go into executive session to discuss such items as real estate transactions, it is very specific and limited in the reasons public bodies can retreat behind closed doors.
To the Editor: Reader says to leave Paterno's legacy intact
Written by W.E. Feeman, Jr, M.D.   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 08:47
I did not know Joe Paterno personally, but I have seen him on TV on various occasions over the years and he has always seemed to me to be a gentleman from an earlier, more innocent, time.
When Paterno was appraised of the child abuse being perpetrated by Sandusky, I feel certain that he did not know quite what to do - so he reported the matter to his superiors, thinking that they would know what to do.  It's what would happen in the military: one reports up the chain of command. When the sad events did come to light, those same "superiors" then appear to have sold Paterno down the river in what seems to be an obvious attempt to save themselves.
So I say, leave Paterno's legacy intact. Paterno may have been naive, but I don't believe he is a criminal.
I can not say the same about his "superiors" at Penn State, for whom I have nothing but contempt.
W.E. Feeman, Jr, M.D.
Bowling Green
To the Editor: Messaros a great asset to Elmwood
Written by Diane, Mark and Max Zyski   
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 11:17
I would like write to the Elmwood Schools, Staff, Coaches, Athletes, and Community Members. We at Elmwood are very lucky to have trainer Mike Messaros. Mike has been a great asset to the Athletic Program at Elmwood High School. Sometimes dedication of individuals get overlooked and we would like to make sure Mike isn't one of them. Mike has put complete dedication into his job and sometimes things happen to remind us of them. We recently had a injury on the court that turned most spectators heads, it only look Mike seconds to respond, help the Athlete, and relieve his pain, and have him back on the court in only a few minutes playing again to full capacity. The quote from the athlete was "Thank God it happened on our home court, couldn't imagine how long I would have had that pain if Mike wasn't there."
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