To the Editor: New appliances offer all the bells & whistles
Written by Norma Davenport   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:16
Have you bought a new appliance recently? Have you looked at a new appliance recently? If so, do some of them remind you of digital war machines instead of earlier models with simple dials and choices? Do I really need a dryer that comes with a shelf for steam drying my tennis shoes or an option for sanitizing my bedding? Today, deciding upon a new home appliance can require a Consumer's Report, a diligent on-line-search, and, or a PhD in Home Economics.
Disclosure: My first real job as an adult was managing the House Ware's Department at LaSalle's in the early 60s. Today, I continue to check out new kitchen gadgets, as well as, everything from coffee pots to vacuum cleaners. Despite the overwhelming amount of brands, stores, and on-line services that compete for our attention today, I do feel fortunate for all the updated styles and colors that can turn our houses into homes.
To the Editor: G. Rapids mayor cites teamwork in village
Written by Marjory (Bunkie) Obermyer   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:10
A Grand Village-
Being Mayor of Grand Rapids, Ohio, has been an adventure for me and I have learned a lot. I have learned that things get done when everyone pulls together and that happens time after time in our small village. As the holidays draw near I see so many people and organizations come together to welcome visitors. The Arts Council, Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce, Village Council along with village employees and the staff from LaRoes help to turn our village into a holiday postcard with lights, greenery and bows. I am proud to be their mayor and neighbor.
Marjory (Bunkie) Obermyer
Mayor of Grand Rapids
To the Editor: Doctor comments on factors affecting length of life
Written by William E. Feeman Jr., M.D.   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:09
The key to a long life with the fewest medical "glitches" is the ability to avoid the problems that come with atherothrombotic disease (ATD, such as heart attacks and strokes) and cancer.  No one lives forever, but if one likens the game of life to a game of cards, then the winners are those who can play their cards a bit longer before they have to cash in. In light of this I would like to note that Nancy Orel, PhD, in her talk in the Optimal aging seminar is "spot on" when she advises people not to smoke if they want to live a long time. And I could not agree more that a "happy wife is a happy life."
Cigarette smoking underlies early-onset ATD and cancer. People who smoke and have ATD risk factors have their ATD events much earlier than do ex-smokers and never smokers.  They also get many more cancers than do never smokers; ex-smokers may/may not get cancer - but if they do, the cancers come at a much later age. The only cancer I know of that is not associated with cigarette smoking is breast cancer, but if a woman smokes, her most likely cancer is lung cancer, with breast cancer a close second.
To the Editor: BG man: Obamacare is a disaster and should be repealed
Written by Dustin Smith   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:07
I would like to weigh in on this disaster that is obamacare. There's millions of Americans that lost their health insurance even though Obama said that wouldn't happen. He lied numerous times about it, 36 times to be exact. He apologizes for people losing their insurance but not for misleading them? This new law is suppose to help people, but it has done more harm than good. Supposedly Medicaid is going to be expanded so more people can qualify, but what if you don't qualify for Medicaid? What if you can't afford health insurance even with this new law? Pay a penalty and still not have health insurance? How is this fair to the American people? Why should the government be able to control our health insurance? This new law may be considered "constitutional" however it needs to be repealed for the good of the American citizens. I urge you fellow readers to voice your opinion on obamacare and how it affects you. It needs to be known what this law is doing.
Dustin Smith
Bowling Green
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